Brain Health with Functional Medicine

Brain Health with Functional Medicine

We used to think the brain was done developing at 25. And we thought that when decline or injury started, it was a point of no return. We now have documented MRIs that show an increase in brain volume and improved function, even at age 70+. It is never too late to start optimizing our brain health. 

Neurological and mental health are areas of medicine that have seen a lot of growth in recent years. Functional Medicine is a game changer; particularly in these areas. In Functional Medicine, we use an approach that assesses the individuals’ unique biochemistry. Then, we optimize levels of hormones and nutrients to allow the body and brain to thrive. 

The body is resilient and when we identify what it needs more or less of, it can heal and thrive. 

Functional Medicine is the “Why” of Medicine. 

We look for the cause of “dis-ease” rather than just treating the symptoms themselves. This applies to brain health as well as many other systems in our body.

Functional Medicine is tremendously more effective at treating chronic illness because it gets to the “why” and corrects the issue. This means you won’t need as many treatments or medications over time. It also means that when treatment begins, patients will often experience a quicker and better recovery because the actual reason for their dis-ease is being addressed once and for all rather than covered up with a symptom reducing medication. Don’t get me wrong, in Functional Medicine we do use medications as well, but the approach and goal is different.

We know that brain function (and overall function) is impacted by both environmental and genetic factors. We now also know that we can somewhat control genetic expression with epigenetics. If we modify the environment that the genes are bathed in, we modify their expression.

Functional medicine practitioners take an individualized, holistic approach to diagnosing and treating any issue, including brain health challenges. Each patient is unique and therefore, each person’s treatment plan is slightly different.

Who is Dr. Cambria DeMarco?

Finding the right functional medicine practitioner is not easy. Finding one that you like and trust to help guide your health journey can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be!

Dr. Cambria DeMarco has over two decades of clinical experience in all areas of practice. Although she started in emergency care, pediatrics and acute care; she realized traditional medicine was sorely lacking in their answers for complicated chronic conditions. 

When her son at age 3 was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor and Autism 22 years ago, she started her Functional Medicine journey. She was determined to change his trajectory, and she did so successfully. Saddled with two neurological challenges, either of which could be devastating, her son now has completed his AA and starts his Bachelor’s Degree program in September. He has a part time job and a driver’s license. None of which would have been remotely possible without Functional Medicine.

Dr. DeMarco has completed training with IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine). She is a Certified Provider with Dr Dale Bredesen (Apollo Health) and Dr William Walsh (Walsh Institute) and is a Fellowship trained by psychiatric giant Dr. James Greenblatt (Psychiatry Redefined). Cambria is also a MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) preferred provider.

Cambria did not leave her traditional training behind. She is Board Certified in Acute Care and obtained years of invaluable traditional clinical experience as an RN and Nurse Practitioner in the Emergency Department at Columbia University, Mount Sinai, UCLA, and Rady Children’s Hospital of San Diego. This means she uses evidence-based integrative therapies alongside traditional Western medical practices if they’re appropriate for you.

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